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Young Adults

Books suitable for young adults, containing no strong language or sexual scenes.

book, young adult, fantasy, fantasy fiction, wizards, magic
book, young adult, fantasy, fantasy fiction,
book, horror, horror book, supernatural, scary

A Spark of Fire by Jennifer L Rothwell

On Felix Sparks' sixteenth birthday she leaves the orphanage she has lived in her whole life, armed with just a library card and her baby blanket. She heads for the magisty of London, ruled by magician Corbin Godspell to search for the truth about the death of her parents.

A Twist of Starlight by Betty Valentine

The first of Betty's Jonny Greeneyes novels introduces us to Jonny, a widowed dad, and his mates: Skirt chasing Marc, tiny cigar chewing Bernie and wizened drunken Hugh.

A simple story about spending a few days up the mountain with the people you love. The fun really starts when you discover that not everyone in your life is who or what you always thought they were. David Freeman thought that he would surprise everyone with a visit, he was wrong but they sure as hell ended up surprising him!

The Aldwark Tales by Richard Tyndall

A selection of horror stories set in the fictional town of Aldwark, where black dogs roam and museums are haunted.

A Bag of Souls by Peach Berry

Spine-tingling Gothic Victorian horror writer Peach Berry brings you tales of the devil, along with a soul collector and a 'house of screaming skulls'.

Elijah Barns

The Witch and Jet Splinters

fantasy, book, fantasy book, young adult, witches, elves, faeries

Chaos in Camelot by Jon Carvell

Frank is sent to Camelot on a mission to help King Arthur by the highest authorities. Nothing is ever that simple though!

book, fantasy, fantasy book, young adult, witches, faeries, magic

Book 2:

The Shadow Cutters

A journey is on the cards for Miss' Jinny, Lou and Riz and off they go in a borrowed campervan. Along the way they collect a few more pets, lots of Tunnock's Teacakes, a curse or 2 and some shadow cutters.

Both books are guaranteed to have you rolling with laughter!

Book 1:

A Bustle In The Hedgerow

Merry meet! Young witch Jinny Lane adopts a beautiful black cat named Jet Jupiter Splinters and so begins their adventures with fellow witches Miss Riz and Miss Lou. A local resident causes trouble in the neighbourhood and the 3 witches retaliate with the help of some faeries....

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