World Book Day 2021

Thursday 4th March 

Our authors' readings/offers

We will be sharing an interview with Steve Barker at around 8pm

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I will be doing a reading from 'The Changeling Saga' books at around 6pm, and am offering both of the books on eBook for just £1 each!

See my page for links

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Elle will be reading from her book 'My Name is Ophelia' at around 9pm, and is offering copies of her eBook for just £1.


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I am offering one of my Empathiser books, Ackwa, for just £6 (RRP £6.99) for World Book Day 2021. 


Pop over to Green Cat Books' Facebook event at 4pm, to hear me read from one of my books too.

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Neil Pettifer will be reading the bedtime story 'The Little Lamberoo' at around 5pm

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As a special offer for World Book Day, Lisa is offering all of her books for just £5 each, 

and all of her eBooks will be just £1 each.

She will also be doing a reading or two from her books at around 7pm


Family Drama

Family Drama

Short Stories

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Publisher offers

Spend Over £30 between 1st - 8th March 2021 and receive a mystery book for FREE. 

Mystery book will match the genre that you have ordered.

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