Witches, werewolves, ghosts, the devil and monsters galore!

Spine-tingling Gothic horror writer Peach Berry brings you tales of the devil, along with a soul collector and a 'house of screaming skulls'.

Merry meet! Young witch Jinny Lane adopts a beautiful black cat named Jet Jupiter Splinters and so begins their adventures with fellow witches Miss Riz and Miss Lou. A local resident causes trouble in the neighbourhood and the 3 witches retaliate with the help of some faeries....

A selection of horror stories set in the fictional town of Aldwark, where black dogs roam and museums are haunted.

The Savage children think they lead normal, largely unspectacular lives until they unearth the heart of a shooting star on a peaceful Cornish beach. Read more....

Is there a monster in the fridge? The children think there is!

A funny rhyming story about a boy who is afraid of the noises down the plug hole. 

The Shadow Cutters by Elijah Barns

A journey is on the cards for Miss' Jinny, Lou and Riz and off they go in a borrowed campervan. Along the way they collect a few more pets, lots of Tunnock's Teacakes, a curse or 2 and some shadow cutters.

Esmerelda Monster crashes to Earth and searches for people to help her