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Silicone bracelets with negative ions

Many athletes and health-conscious people swear by negative ions. This bracelet combines the popular negative ions with the power of magnets.

According to the ancient Yin-Yang theory, negative ions should balance out the positive ion surplus in our environment. The skin-friendly silicone makes this bracelet particularly comfortable to wear.

The negative ion bracelet is available in attractive colour combinations. Choose your favourite colour right away!

With negative ions

Skin-friendly and sturdy

For men and women

Bracelets inner circumference (mm): S=145, M=160, L=175, XL=190, XXL=215


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14mm wide

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Also available in red with white stripe.

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Silicone for Fragrance Jewellery

With this magnetic bracelet in trendy colours you can always carry the scent of your favourite perfume or aromatic oil with you and enjoy it. The bracelet is simply slipped on, is super comfortable and always fits. A 1,800 Gauss neodymium magnet has been integrated into the middle section of the bracelet.

Includes felt pads in 13 attractive colours.

Choose one of many beautiful jewellery discs for this bracelet (not included in the delivery).

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Silicone Tree Of Life Bracelets

The magnetic bracelet is made of soft, skin-friendly silicone. Silicone is insensitive to skin perspiration and water - these properties make the magnetic bracelet the ideal companion for sports and all outdoor activities. The magnetic bracelet has a robust buckle made of highly polished stainless steel. A strong magnet with 1200 Gauss is integrated into the bracelet.

+ With strong 1200 Gauss neodymium magnet

+ Ideal for sports and all outdoor activities

+ Skin-friendly and insensitive to water

19mm wide

fits wrists 135-175mm

choose colour

Smiley Bracelet

The magnetic bracelet with negative ions is made of skin-friendly, durable silicone with two integrated neodymium magnets. It is easy to slip on and is easy to wear.

The cheerful smiley accompanies us all day long.

With negative ions

Simply slip on, without annoying clasps

Skin friendly and durable

XS=135, S=145, M=160

12mm wide

also available in light blue

choose colour

Silicone with motifs

This magnetic bracelet, made of skin-friendly silicone and stainless steel, immediately creates a good mood with its beautiful motif and cheerful colour. 

XS=135, S=145, M=160

9mm wide

choose colour & size


The necklace is made of skin-friendly silicone and is without a metal clasp. It can therefore be worn without hesitation by people with sensitive skin. To open and close the chain, simply hold the thickened, ribbed ends and stick them together or pull them apart.

These can be wrapped around several times to make a bracelet, or you can buy extenders to make longer. Add a silicone pendant or one of our other pendants.

7mm wide

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Silicone Pendants

Smiley Silicone negative ion pendants length 22mm and width 13mm

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Other pendants for children

Silicone Tree of Life Pendants

The magnet pendant is a real eye-catcher and you can customise the magnetic pendant individually with the attractive jewellery elements (sold separately) and wear it every day with a different motif. The jewellery elements made of high-quality stainless steel are attached by magnetic force to the pendant front. The powerful 1600 gauss neodymium magnet is integrated into the pendant design. The magnetic strength also allows you to attach an extra copper element to the back of the pendant to let you enjoy the positive properties of copper.

The magnet pendant is made of soft skin-friendly silicone which makes it suitable to be worn on sensitive skin. Additionally, as silicone is proof against water and sweat, you can wear the magnet pendant safely at the gym and during all sports activities.

Magnetic Jewellery: Magnetic earrings, Magnetic pendants, Pendents

Width: 24 mm

Length: 31,7 mm

Discs for silicone pendants

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Silicone Power Heart

The silicone power heart with negative ions for back, neck & joints with powerful magnets is perfect for athletes.

You can wear the power heart with extra strong magnet exactly where you want it with the help of the counterpart.

Many athletes and health-conscious people swear by negative ions. This power heart from Vitalix combines the popular negative ions with the power of magnet.

The negative ion power heart is made of skin-friendly, sturdy silicone with powerful neodymium magnets. It is perfectly suited for sports and all outdoor activities

When jogging or inline skating, the Power Hearts can be easily attached to non-medical bandages or knee or elbow protectors, for example.

+ For back, neck & joints

+ Skin-friendly, durable silicone

+ Extra strong magnets with 2,200 gauss

Choose power heart colour
Choose smiley colour

Other Power Hearts and Counterpieces

Silicone power heart comes with free random counterpiece. 

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