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My journey to negative ions brought me to Birmingham for a conference, where there was a talk about our negative ion jewellery and accessories. I had only been introduced to the wonders of Magnetix products 3 days before and had applied to become a consultant that same day. So here I was, twenty minutes late on a Saturday morning at a venue I wasn't familiar in, about to walk into a conference of people, of which I only knew one. 

Once in, my day went swimmingly for the majority of it, and at one point there was the negative ions talk. The lady that spoke had only just got the gist of it herself, but did a marvellous job, and not only was I in love with magnetic jewellery, I was now in awe of the silicone range.

Our world is full of positive ions, which I assumed was a good thing (positive usually means good, depending on the outcome I suppose), but no. In the words of Earl Mindell in 'The Happiness Effect';


"Positive ions can be created by hot desert winds, cell phones, radio and television transmitters, cell towers, and direct cur­rent power lines. While their effects on humans are controver­sial, the results of being exposed to too many positive ions do not appear to be good. Arguments can be made that too much exposure to these ions may be detrimental to your health and well-being. Positive ions may even have the potential to increase emotional distress, disrupt brain function, induce problematic metabolic changes, cause fatigue, and interfere with the functions of the immune system. Research seems to indicate that some people may be more prone to the negative effects of positive ions than others."

In our environment, the amount of negative ions in the air is very varied: It is on average up to 50,000 per cm³ in the vicinity of a waterfall, about 3000 per cm³ in a forest, up to 500 per cm³ in a well ventilated room and only up to 100 negative ions per cm³ in an air-conditioned room. Many scientists regard a number of 1000 negative ions and more per cm³ as ideal. Our silicone products exceed that and contain natural substances such as tourmaline, quartz and corundum, which are supposed to naturally produce negative ions. They are all skin-friendly and waterproof.

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