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Pendants For Children

Made with stainless steel, these pendants contain a small magnet on the back to provide positive mood and increased energy. They can be teamed up with our silicone necklaces, ribbons, cords or their own chains.


Jewellery Sets

Silicone Pendants

Smiley Silicone negative ion pendants length 22mm and width 13mm

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Silicone bracelet with motifs

This magnetic bracelet, made of skin-friendly silicone and stainless steel, immediately creates a good mood with its beautiful motif and cheerful colour. 

XS=135, S=145, M=160

9mm wide

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Smiley Bracelet

The magnetic bracelet with negative ions is made of skin-friendly, durable silicone with two integrated neodymium magnets. It is easy to slip on and is easy to wear.

The cheerful smiley accompanies us all day long.

With negative ions

Simply slip on, without annoying clasps

Skin friendly and durable

XS=135, S=145, M=160

12mm wide

also available in light blue

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Silicone Tree Of Life Bracelets

The magnetic bracelet is made of soft, skin-friendly silicone. Silicone is insensitive to skin perspiration and water - these properties make the magnetic bracelet the ideal companion for sports and all outdoor activities. The magnetic bracelet has a robust buckle made of highly polished stainless steel. A strong magnet with 1200 Gauss is integrated into the bracelet.

+ With strong 1200 Gauss neodymium magnet

+ Ideal for sports and all outdoor activities

+ Skin-friendly and insensitive to water

19mm wide

fits wrists 135-175mm

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