Virtual Offices


Green Cat Virtual Office

Terms and Conditions 

As we are virtual assistants we are available on an ad-hoc basis as well as long term, therefore no lengthy contracts apply. Here at Green Cat we like to keep things simple.

All that we ask is that you

  • Provide us with all the information you deem necessary for us to complete our work
  • Agree to our prices before passing work to us
  • Pay for work in advance
  • Inform us of any changes to our work tasks or schedule

We agree to

  • Provide you with the service requested as agreed
  • Be professional at all times
  • Inform you of any additional, unexpected costs, before undertaking the task
  • Provide full confidentiality at all times
  • Not attempt to coerce any of your clients by offering them an similar service with an alternative provider or ourselves

As we work on an ad-hoc month to month basis, you, the client, are not at liberty to renew further than the month paid for. The same applies to Green Cat, and we reserve the right to terminate services if payment is not received.

If a client has a landline with us, and wishes to keep the number, they must ensure that payment is received by us on the first of each month. It is the client's responsibility to prevent services from being cancelled. If the client wishes to transfer their number to another provider, they may do so at an additional cost. Please contact us to discuss this in more details.