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Victoria McDonald

Victoria McDonald loves her family, especially when they give her peace and quiet to write stories and create things in clay. A generally solitary person, she is however delighted with planned company and will bake you the very best cakes and pastries you’ve ever tasted. Victoria lives in the wilds of the Scottish countryside, and would never have moved if she’d realised just how many sweaters she has to wear to keep warm.

Children's book, children, monster, spaceship, funny

Esmerelda Monster crashes to Earth in her spaceship. Will anyone help her to mend it so that she can go home?

There's a Monster at the Door 


Self confidence, children, children's book

Betty has incredibly long legs which she thinks are completely useless until one day she finally found a use for them.

Betty Long Legs 


Children, children's book, Christmas, Santa, funny,

Billy receives a note - Christmas is CANCELLED! Surely this can't be so? Billy needs to investigate this more!

Billy's Red Ball Saves Christmas 


What our readers are saying

My daughter loved this book. Great story, fab illustrations.

Marie Flanagan