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Many authors take great pride in their work, and quite rightly so. Some authors write as a career, with the intent to make a profit out of the books that they write. Others are quite content with the achievement of saying, "I am a published author" and maybe give a few copies to friends and family.

A tremendous amount of hard work goes into writing a book, as does the production, which is where we step in. We take great pride in every book that we work on, providing the best service possible. Our team of proofreaders are on hand to give our author's manuscripts a thorough check. We have contacts with several illustrators who can produce the perfect illustrations for your work. Our designers will make sure the finished article is just how you want it, such as margins and font style. 

Authors just have to make one decision; whether to allow us to take the reins with the complete production of your book, in which we will, in return, offer them a royalty on every book that we sell or choose to pay a little more in return for a higher royalty rate and more control in the process.

Either way, the manuscript always remains the property of the author.

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PAYG Publishing

Best for those who only wish to buy a few copies, or alternatively want to sell their books independently and receive greater royalties. Choose this if you have had your work previously published,

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All-Inclusive Publishing Service

Leave everything to us and receive a small royalty for each book.

Ideal for those wishing to make a career as an author.

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