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Steve P Lee

Steve P Lee

Steve P Lee, or simply Steve Lee, was born, raised and still lives in Balderton, just outside Newark-on-Trent. He is married to Tracey and has 2 grown up children, Alex and Kathryn.

His work experience lies mostly in the civil service. Once the dreaded taxman, he left that behind to transfer to the Ministry of Defence and worked in officer and aircrew recruiting for the RAF for 15 years. That came to an end in 2012, with voluntary redundancy and a fresh start in the private sector. Health issues have kept him out of work since the end of 2016.

The enforced time at home led to another attempt to write stories. Previous efforts from his late teens and early twenties were given the Viking style burial they deserved. Two novels have been self-published in ‘The Gene Weavers Sequence’ prior to joining the authorly stable at Green Cat Books.

scifi, science fiction, book, intergalactic travel, space wars, space station, aliens

Sergeant Mint Harris is chief of police in Charlestown, a settlement on Obsirion II, a planet colonised 50 years ago by the British Corporation.

Nothing much happens there, and she likes it that way. However, a murder is reported, and other strange things are brought to her attention. Is there a connection?

Life in Charlestown is about to change, rapidly and irreversibly. The repercussions could impact all of humanity. Can Mint keep a grip on the developing situation, and how will it end?

Oblivion (book 1) 


scifi, science fiction, book, intergalactic travel, space wars, space station, aliens

Following the events in Charlestown, Roman and Mint are sent to Department 44 to investigate their files. Both scarred, Mint struggles to cope with the tragedies more than Roman, leaving him to take over.

The Department 44 Files (Oblivion book 2)


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scifi, science fiction, book, intergalactic travel, space wars, space station, aliens

Decades before the calamitous events in Charlestown, Captain Alice Davenport and the crew of the BCRS Fiennes suffered their own disastrous

encounter with the Varla K’dyamon. Their spaceship destroyed, they find themselves marooned on Eskelon

IV, a planet they were studying for future colonisation. It now appears to be their permanent home with no chance of rescue. Furthermore, the

outcome of the Varla K’dyamon’s battle with an ancient alien defensive system is unknown. The greatest threat to their survival may come from space, not from their new habitat.

Roman and Mint continue to work for Department 44, desperately seeking knowledge and weapons that

may allow them to combat the threat posed by Tiada Vejour. But, they aren’t the only ones hard at work on

Obsirion II; plans and projects are coming to fruition in Charlestown. The malevolent alien still plans to

enslave the entire population of the planet and call surviving members of its clan to a vast source of energy.

Assault on Charlestown (Oblivion book 3)


Rival Distress


Scifi, science fiction, book, intergalactic space travel, wars, aliens, short stories

The British Corporation Research Ship Attenborough picks up a distress signal from a rival research vessel whilst en route to a new star system. Odd discoveries and encounters in Triton Rising leave the narrator intrigued and disturbed in equal measure. The author lets his imagination run riot alongside some hard science in these and other speculative/sci-fi stories.