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Glyn Roberts, author

Glyn is writer, musician, actor, appreciator of fine wine, and for his real job, an educator. He has worked in 3 continents, played in several bands, and has been an avid writer for many years. The Porrig stories are the culmination of 8 years’ work, and Glyn now works in tandem with David Smith on their various creative enterprises.

Glyn is married to his long suffering wife, Helen, who has learned to cope with his ‘artistic’ temperament. They live in Adelaide, South Australia with their two daughters.

Dave Smith, illustrator

"First and foremost, I love art. I love creating it, viewing it, teaching it and even learning it. For me art is not just something I do, it's part of my DNA.

As a freelance artist I love taking a client's ideas and bringing them to life. Whether through children's book illustration, fine art and portraits, concept art or game design, I want to engage with my audience, to captivate them or even inspire."

Prince Porrig and the Peculiar Pet

When a beautiful mysterious Cragon appears in Porrig's castle the day his horrible Great Aunt Immodia is due to visit, the palace goes into a panic! Immodia is allergic to everything, is always grumpy, and if she finds a Cragon in the castle she will cut him out of the family inheritance! Whatever is a prince to do?


Prince Porrig and the Calamitous Carbuncle

Prince Porrig discovers a carbuncle on the end of his nose on the morning of the winter ball. Can he get rid of it in time?

Delightful story with brilliant illustrations


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