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Sean P Gaughan

Sean Patrick Gaughan was schooled by catholic nuns. Later, as a mature student, he acquired the seeds of an education at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, graduating with a B.A. Humanities in 1980.

He lives in Nottinghamshire.

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And God For His Own

Thomas Clancy, son of an itinerant Irish farm labourer and a psychologically damaged English mother, has always been troubled by self-doubt. Having left a seminary because of doubts about the Catholic Faith, and subsequently failing in an attempt to become a schoolteacher, he now stands accused by his zealous mother, a convert to Catholicism, of being the cause of his father’s apparent suicide.

By chance, Thomas comes to know and admire a beautiful and immensely talented artist, older than himself, the daughter of a wealthy business man. So begins a passionate love affair.