After a long career as a management consultant working in the US and the UK, and one project in Nigeria, I spent the last five years of paid employment teaching Maths and Physics at Grantham College in Lincolnshire. I still haven't decided which is more terrifying, big snakes in the Nigerian bush or sixteen year-old college students in the East Midlands.

My genre is contemporary political thrillers.

The first Os Doran thriller, 'Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Die', was published in October 2017. The second, 'Injured or Seriously Killed', is scheduled for publication later in 2018. The third, 'The Dark Triads', is in preparation and will be published in 2019.

Sometimes my hero gets the girl in the end, always having saved her, of course, but sometimes he doesn't, instead riding off into the sunset.

I ask my readers to think about why people behave the way they do, particularly those with power, in politics, business, government or the military. My bad gals and guys usually meet sticky ends but not always; a few occasionally escape.


Os Doran is a close protection security consultant, righter of wrongs, rescuer of damsels in distress, saviour of the world.

When Doran exposes a shadowy world of fraudulent government procurement practices, politicians and their cronies will stop at nothing, including intimidation, kidnap and murder to keep their cosy network of nudges, winks and cash-stuffed brown envelopes intact.

A compelling, literary political thriller.

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Die