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Pratibha Savani

It was only recently that Pratibha considered herself as a poet. She first wrote 20 years ago, to get her feelings out while struggling with eczema and then began to enjoy writing more and more. She is also an artist and loves using mix media, charcoal, pastels and acrylics.

Pratibha is from the East Midlands, UK and currently works in Further Education to support students with work experience and employability skills and also networks with employers. Now working part time while also being a busy mum, Pratibha has an active lifestyle and maintains a positive mindset in all that she does through meditation, yoga and reading. Her other interests are watching science fiction, dramas and documentaries and going to exhibitions.

Pratibha's passion is being creative with words and finds her inspiration from nature, science, spiritualism and art. Writing is something she thoroughly enjoys and although there were years when she had not written, it truly never left her, with odd bits of writing here and there. She now uses her free time to write more regularly in her sketchbook. She loves the freedom to scribble without lines or rules and let her pen do all the talking. Pratibha is already planning her next poetry book. To focus on the theme of mindfulness art and inner wellbeing, something that began in her first book, Tangles + Knots and ignited her artwork to flourish once again.

"...and all I had to do was leave my tangles and knots behind."

My journey begins as a teenager struggling with eczema and experiencing mental illness. Expressed in poetic prose in its original form, giving a real insight, conveyed across five themes: What a Nightmare it has been, If Only I could, some Hope to change it all, Complete Faith for my spiritual needs and to escape into my Unreality.

Gaining new strength and belief and a path of self discovery, my Tangles + Knots is here to represent hope in your everyday journey. Incorporated within is my artwork to bring some mindfulness and peace, another element from my heart as you read my words with ease.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-9-7   RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook) 







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