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The idea that we come across very similar events in life, time and time again is not new. One's life-spiral forever grows and extends out into the world and universe.

My Words for Living evolved whilst I contemplated life in 2020, a year of restriction and forfeits but most importantly, for me, personal growth, acceptance and appreciation.

A volume of poetry is like a set of short stories, each a separate entity, a different tale, mood and energy. Like a box of chocolates, you may find one or two are your favourites but I invite you to give them all a try. Perhaps you could allow My Words for Living into your mind and feel them in your heart.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-16-3  RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook)

A short collection of poetry that may bring a wry smile to people's faces in challenging times

ISBN: 978-1-9137940-7-1   RRP £4.50 (paperback) £1.99 (eBook)

Chosen at the midst of many years of writing poetry, Sarfraz's poems are observational, inspirational and abstract, taking a subject matter and making it relevant to every man, woman and child. Written from the heart and from the essence of the core of the things he loves, and that moves him. They are the passions that fill our hearts are defined through the eyes of a poet.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-5-9   RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook)

Shirley poetically brings us examples of dysfunctional life, and shows how the contents may not necessarily reflect the container.

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-3-2   RRP: £5.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook)

Whilst in a mental health unit David took part in poetry sessions, and recalls his time in there through his haiku.

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-3-1   RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £3.99 (eBook)

This poetry book is divided into four sections with each section addressing the different stages of the healing journey which we all go through in life. We are all in this life together. We are all endeavouring to make this world a more peaceful and pleasant realm in which to live rather than merely exist.

Book, poetry, prose, poems, poet

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-3-5   RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.45 (eBook)

"Join me if you will, on a spiritual journey through the years of which the highs, the lows and the experiences I have recorded as a book of poems. From my initial awakening and travelling through the years. This is my story in verse."

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-8-0   RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook)

This book consists of a set of contemporary poems followed by haiku, a Japanese form of poetry. They will take you on a journey to the heights of mania and depths of depression and anxiety, displaying Julie's thoughts, feelings, fears, behaviour and insights. There is still some stigma attached to mental illness and this book aims to give a mind opening experience and a grasp of the difficulties that mental illness brings.


ISBN: 978-1-9160800-1-0   RRP: £6.99 (paperback)  £2.50 (eBook)

"...and all I had to do was leave my tangles and knots behind."

My journey begins as a teenager struggling with eczema and experiencing mental illness. Expressed in poetic prose in its original form, giving a real insight, conveyed across five themes: What a Nightmare it has been, If Only I could, some Hope to change it all, Complete Faith for my spiritual needs and to escape into my Unreality.

Gaining new strength and belief and a path of self discovery, my Tangles + Knots is here to represent hope in your everyday journey. Incorporated within is my artwork to bring some mindfulness and peace, another element from my heart as you read my words with ease.

ISBN: 978-1-9162766-9-7   RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook) 

eBook reduced to 99p

The Three Insane Poets are David Parkin, who has an acquired brain injury, David Rollins, who has borderline personality disorder, and Julie Stacey, who has bipolar disorder. This collaboration is at times hilarious, poignant, and always thought provoking. All three poets live in Leicester.

ISBN: 978-1-913794-15-6   RRP: £6.99 (paperback) £2.49 (eBook)

Lisa has been owned by many cats and frequently has to explain how many she has and why she has them. You can read all about them in this bitter-sweet poetry book

ISBN: 978-1-5028631-2-6   RRP: £5.99 (Paperback) £1.99 (eBook)

Nigerian writer Gabriel explores the world around him in this selection of poetry.

ISBN: 9781548062880   RRP: £5.99 (paperback) £1.99 (eBook)

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