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Pay As You Go Publishing

If you prefer to have full control over your work, receive 100% of the profits and purchase author copies at a greatly reduced cost, then PAYG options are for you. These options are also ideal for those authors who only wish to have their work in print, to show to their friends and family. 

We have a choice of packages for you, whether you want to sit back and relax or simply pick and mix the services you need assistance with.  

If you want to let us take full control, but still allow you to receive 100% of the profits as well as low-price wholesale print on demand author copies, along with the freedom to source lower-priced printing services., you will love our combined

Independent Publishing Service

Pick 'n' Mix

As an alternative, we now offer the opportunity to choose more individual services according to needs.

Our PAYG/Independent Publishing Packages

If you wish to combine all three of these, for just £999, please click here



Per Manuscript

Editor services (copyediting and proofreading) up to 50,000 words**

Formatting and Publishing

ISBN Number

Proof copy to approve

Book cover design

20 paperback copies of final approved book

Freedom to print future copies without extra charges, or buy from us as print on demand at cost price



Per Manuscript

Editor services (copyediting and proofreading) up to 50,000 words**

Formatting and publishing

Book cover design

Published on Kindle, Google Play Books, iBooks*, Kobo

Marketing and distribution


 Per year

Digital Marketing on all major social media outlets

Author page on

Book listed on Amazon internationally, , and

Extra Services

o Typing a paper copy of manuscript to digital format (word for word, no editing or proofreading) - £40 per 5,000 words

o Illustration services – contact us with specifications

o Your own webpage (in most cases this will be www.yourname (or your book name) .com or etc, depending on availability) with sales linked directly to your own paypal - £250 per year.

o Courses and bootcamps will also be available with such topics as ‘how to market your book’, ‘how to write a book’ (various genres) plus ‘digital marketing’, and discounts can be offered to all of our authors.

o Coaching services, please enquire

Submissions Info

*Most fully illustrated books cannot be listed as an eBook

**For books exceeding 50,000 you will be required to pay the excess, at £40 per 5,000 words