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Our Authors

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Eighty Four Pins

My Teacher's an Alien

Bibi and the Butterfly King

Covert Ops: Danger in Paradise

A Bustle in the Hedgerow

The Shadow Cutters

A Bag of Souls

A Time for Grace

And the Crows Began to Wonder

My Name is Ophelia

Legend of the Lost

Ends of the Earth


Dinky the Mermaid


Chaos in Camelot

Fine Wine from Chipped Cups

The Coach

Words of my Mouth

The Brain Behind Freelance Writing

Life Well Lived

And God for His Own

The Empathisers:





The Adventures of Maddie and Liv

The Adventures of Maddie and Liv - 'Joining G.U.A.R.D'

The Break the Crave System

A Dog is for Life

The Adventures of Molly and Angus

Nature Boy

I Painted my Face

For the Love of Tom

The Other Life

Oblivion (Book 1 of Oblivion Trilogy)

The Department 44 Files (Book 2 of Oblivion Trilogy)

Assault on Charlestown (Book 3 of Oblivion Trilogy)

Rival Distress

Indigo Moods

I Rest my Case

Fairy Unfairly

Billy's Red Ball Saves Christmas

Betty Long Legs

There's a Monster at the Door

Inspirations of Life

The Little Lamberoo

The Plug Monster

Daddy, Daddy, What's That Sound?

Why I Have So many Cats

Winding Down


Covid-Nineteen Lives

Prince Porrig and the Calamitous Carbuncle

Prince Porrig and the Peculiar Pet

Red Flags

The Whole of Boredom

Insect Youth

Haiku from the Asylum


Monster in the Fridge

Three Insane Poets

A Spark of Fire

Tangles + Knots

The Power of Collectivity

Journey of the Mad

Three Insane Poets

Billy's Brilliant Family

The Aldwark Tales

A Twist of Starlight

Overture and Beginners

Covid Poetic Parodies