Green Cat Books

Due to the current COVID-19 and Brexit restrictions, we may not be able to post any books outside of the UK. 

Please contact us for further assistance if necessary.


We have a great range of self-help books, whether you want to advance your career, lose weight or prepare for the inevitable.

Stretton & Clay Mills WWII by Malcolm Goode

A roll call of all the heroes local to Stretton and Clay Mills during World War II to commemorate the 75th anniversary.

The Break the Crave System by Bridgette Hamilton

Learn how to stop craving sugar and how to lose weight easily and enjoyably with this fabulous best-selling book.

The Power of Collectivity by Brian N Sigauke

Find out how working in a group is more advantageous, and how it is encouraged to do so in the bible.

The Brain Behind Freelance Writing by Gabriel Eziorobo

Learn how to earn money with your freelance writing.

Life Well Lived by Luna Felis

A scrapbook style, handbag sized paperback book to record your last wishes.

Comes in a choice of 2 colours

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