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Mike Herring

Mike Herring

Mike started out in his working life as a graphic designer/photographer. In the 80's he had his own studio in Windsor, employing 27 people. As the client list grew, Mike had to develop his services to meet the demands of his clients. At this period, requests were being made to produce documentary videos for industry. By chance he had a request to make a documentary film to help promote the best in naturism.

Mike, his wife and family, had already been involved in this lifestyle, as his studio had been running a film service for an international naturist magazine. Mike had already ventured away to the continent to carry out photography for the magazines and tour operators. Many a deal had taken place allowing him to take the family along with him. So when asked to make this promotional film, it was a natural challenge. Ten summers later, Mike had made 16 films to promote the lifestyle.

It was on one of these commissions in France that he had the pleasure of interviewing the naturist camp owner. His story was so interesting Mike just knew there was a story to be told. Such was the pressure of work, he had to wait until his retirement to pay justice to this story he had wanted to write. Now writing has become fuel for life for him. He also writes contemporary fiction using his pen name Michael Keene.


Gillies is born of parents that live high up in the mountain range between France and Spain.

They live a very basic and simple lifestyle [later to be known as naturists] where they hunt and fish for their food as nature intended, naked to the elements.

The author takes readers through the thoughts and emotions of Gillies as he grows into manhood. He knows nothing of the world outside the mountain range. He learns about life through watching the wild animals' behaviour, then relating this to the love shared by his parents. He studies life as it is, naked and free, and knows no other.

As he reaches his teen years, he questions as to why his father drives off in the cart pulled by Dobbin, their faithful horse, and is away for two days at a time...Where does he go? What is out there on the other side of the mountains?

ISBN: 978-1-9998765-7-9   RRP: £8.99 (paperback) £3.99 (eBook)

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