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Selling Your Books

We are withdrawing book sales from Etsy, as the costs to list our books outweighs the gross sales received. This will be staggered based on when the listing needs renewing. Etsy is mainly for people who have handmade their products, which, yes, you hand-wrote the books, so it is entirely up to you if you wish to promote separately, just make sure that you are aware of all of their fees before going ahead. 

However, all of your books should now be available at and . We have picked up availability issues with some books listed in these online shops, and have queried with the retailer. If your book is showing as unavailable, please be patient as we are rectifying this asap. Some of the prices are a little higher than the rrp - that is the retailer's decision, and rrp is, of course, 'recommended retail price' after all.

If your book is not visible on any of these websites, you can still direct potential readers to any of these sites and they should be able to order. If you find any problems with this, please let us know at [email protected]  and this can be investigated.

All books will continue to be sold at 

and of course 

You each have your own unique author page and should also be featured on Our Authors page and your books are listed in the book store . We also have a page of listed genres, with links to each one. For those with ebooks, these can be found listed separately too.

Your eBooks can also be listed with and - those authors benefitting from the All Inclusive Service are automatically listed.

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