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 Maggie Watson

Author with Green Cat Books

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa ( my mother was South African, my father Scottish ). I have lived in Scotland since the age of five.

The poems I have written are inspired by my health struggles (mental and physical).There is still a great deal of stigma attached to any illness that is not visible to the eye, and it really does need to change!.

The book is divided into four, and I think a few will be totally relatable especially in " Corona Life" and " My Life".

However, I did not want the entire book to be all doom and gloom, so hopefully there are a few that will make you lol.

Life can be hard, and I don't think any one gets an easy journey you just have to be stronger than the shitstorm.

No apologies for anything I have written...."This is who i am, like it or not".

Rabbie Burns I aint, but I did enjoy writing these poems. 

Love, light and peace....may 2021 be a brighter one for us all.

The Madness of Corona

A collection of poetry inspired by Corona, nature and my life.

"Am nae Rabbie Burns but i tried, and hopefully some of these poems will make you chuckle."



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