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Lisa J Rivers / Lisa Greener

Lisa is married to Rich, has 3 children, 1 granddaughter and many cats.  Born and bred in Leicester, she lived in Kent for 10 years and now lives in Derby. She writes under both her maiden and married name. 

Life Journal by Lisa Greener


Lisa uses her coaching knowledge to create this beautifully illustrated life journal. Designed to plan ahead, providing motivation and encouragement, the book has sections for important notes and dates, a vision board along with images to colour and pages to doodle on.

New edition coming soon!

contemporary, women's literature, fiction, drama, family drama

Following on from the first novel, Winding Down, Searching is the uplifting story of friends and relatives searching for answers, but this time through someone else's eyes.

Searching by Lisa J Rivers


family drama, black comedy, contemporary, contemporary fiction,  women's literature

Winding Down is Lisa's debut novel, a black comedy about Samantha Waters, a down-trodden woman trapped in a life she is no longer happy with. In her opinion there is only one way out......

Winding Down by Lisa J Rivers


This bitter-sweet poetry book is about the many cats that have owned Lisa over the years.

poetry, contemporary, cats, women literature

Why I Have So Many Cats by Lisa J Rivers