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Laura Billingham

Laura Billingham

Born and raised in Sheffield, Laura now lives in the Peak District with her partner. A writer from childhood it has taken her until her 6th decade to take the leap of faith into bringing her work into the public gaze.

With a passion for ancient history, ‘A Time for Grace’ is actually something of a departure in style but, ‘Grace got into her head and wouldn’t shut up until the story was told’.

Expect future works to embrace her more esoteric side, with a planned trilogy encompassing the possible alien seeding of humanity and how we ‘may not be alone’.

Lockdown, mixed genres, short stories

And the Crows Began to Wonder

What does a writer do in lockdown when paid work is drying up? Unleash the creativity - that's what! Utilising prompts from readers, Laura decided to challenge herself to write a new short story every day during May 2020. 'And the Crows Began to Wonder' is the result. 31 stories covering a wide range of genres.

RRP £9.99 paperback & £4.50 Kindle

timeslip, romance, historical,

A Time For Grace

It had been a torrid past couple of years for Grace, a student midwife from Manchester. Both parents had passed away within months of each other and her boyfriend, far from being the supporting partner she longed for, had proven himself to be more of a hindrance than a solace as she grieved the loss of her family.

With her training put on hold and feeling at a loose end she visits her Uncle Ray in his beautiful old house in the Cotswolds. There she is finally able to release her sadness and find hope for the future with Adam, a young friend of her uncle. But when a foray into the attic uncovers an ancient chest and its contents Grace finds herself hurtled back in time…

Waking almost 800 years in the past, in another country and, it would seem someone else’s body, Grace has to negotiate the intricacies of life in early Medieval Occitan as the region tips into religious war. She discovers love in the arms of Guilhelm but will she survive the oncoming war and what is her connection to her alter ego in this time - Ysabella?

£8.99 paperback, £3.50 for eBooks