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Julie Stacey

At eighteen, Julie started to have panic attacks, and at that point, had no idea she had Bipolar. The cloudy lows and anxiety had accompanied her throughout her childhood and teens. It was just a part of life. Ten years later, her moods swings were so severe, she was diagnosed in a police station, after ordering a pizza and paying for it with monopoly money.

Reading was always a favourite past time for Julie. Through books she studied Eastern philosophies, meditation and spiritual healing, and believes that these practices helped her to qualify as a Holistic Therapist and Tutor in adult education. More importantly, with some support from her brother and sister in law, it helped her keep her family together.

She went on to teach in adult education for seven years, running employability workshop for the unemployed. This also included delivering confidence workshops in prisons, around the east Midlands, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Today she has three grown up sons and works part time as an administrator. Drawing on techniques that she has used to help herself, she is currently working on a self-help book. She aspires to write in the field of Mind, body and spirit, to assist people who want to solve personal problems, improve their confidence and get the best from their life.


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Three Insane Poets

The Three Insane Poets are David Parkin, who has a traumatic brain injury, David Rollins, who has borderline personality disorder, and Julie Stacey, who has bipolar disorder. This collaboration is at times hilarious, poignant, and always thought provoking. All three poets live in Leicester.

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Journey of the Mad

This book consists of a set of contemporary poems followed by haiku, a Japanese form of poetry. They will take you on a journey to the heights of mania and depths of depression and anxiety, displaying Julie's thoughts, feelings, fears, behaviour and insights. There is still some stigma attached to mental illness and this book aims to give a mind opening experience and a grasp of the difficulties that mental illness brings.