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It is still business as usual at Green Cat. All staff are in safe working conditions, working remotely from home.

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James Nelson Roebuck

James Nelson Roebuck was born and grew up in the town of Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, where he still has his home. He has spent his working life almost entirely abroad in counties of such diverse complexion as China, Saudi Arabia and Brunei. The writers he most admires in the short story form are V.S. Pritchett, Somerset Maugham and William Trevor. If Red Flags were to repay the reader’s generous attention with a fraction of the pleasure those authors have given him, he would be a happy man. Especial thanks go out to his wife for putting up with his writing habit; his friend William for the years of encouragement, and to Lisa Greener of Green Cat Books, whose meticulous work on the manuscript has been much appreciated. Within the next year, those readers who derived pleasure from Red Flags should, all being well, soon be able to enjoy a full-length novel and novella by the same author, which are currently being revised.

Red Flags contains short stories which show life as it sometimes can be: by turns sad, joyous, distressing, funny and often downright odd!

Red Flags