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James McCann

James McCann

James McCann currently lives in Warwick with his wife, son and a mud loving, white trouser seeking spaniel called Maggie (or Maggie NO! as she is most often referred to).

Prior to this he had enjoyed the many experiences offered by growing up in and then running various pubs spanning the four corners of London. James then pursued a career in fashion retail which ultimately led to the opportunity to retrain for his current role as an accountant.

Writing was not something he had considered doing until he began to make up songs for and about his son, eventually leading to rhymes about whatever characters and stories came into his head (usually whilst out on a run with no access to pen and paper).

All George ever wanted was to be one of Santa's elves but an unfortunate mishap at the Twinkletown College Graduation Ceremony leads him on a very different path...

Join George as he learns that how you look isn't always what people will see.

ISBN: 978-1-9996012-8-7   RRP: £6.99