Independent Publishing

A complete publishing service suitable for those who want to maintain full control of their book and receive 100% of the profits from any books sold. 

We can source additional extras such as hard covers, embossed covers and premium paper etc.

Service will include:

Editor services (copyediting and proofreading) up to 50,000 words***

Formatting, Typesetting and Publishing


Legal copies to UK Libraries

Published in paperback format

Full book cover design

Proof copy to approve (paperback)

eBook* published on Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo

100% of the profit of all books that we sell, with cost-only 'print on demand' service, as well as full rights to print independently of us. 

Digital Marketing on all major social media outlets for 12 months

Author page on

Book listed on Amazon internationally, and


£999 per manuscript/book

If you prefer to omit any of the services listed above, take a look at our PAYG options where you can pick 'n' mix services as required.

*Most fully illustrated books cannot be listed as an eBook

**If the cover requires more than a basic creation, there will be an additional charge.

*** For books exceeding 50,000 you will be required to pay the excess, at £40 per 5,000 words