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Ian P Buckingham

English author Ian P Buckingham is widely published across a range of genres. A bit of a modern renaissance man, his work spans high-brow business books on brand and communication as well as magical adventure stories for children and young adults and it's easy to see where his true passion lies given the energy he devotes to the story telling.

Winner of various creative writing prizes throughout his career and education in Africa and England, Ian has studied in America as well as the University of Leeds where he also specialised in children's and Commonwealth literature.

Ian has edited several publications including poetry and creative writing magazines and has written, produced and directed plays at all age levels. A proud father of two daughters (the muses for the important work), when not writing or roaming Britain's coastline and forests, Ian is a prominent management consultant and lecturer, championing the crucial role of great stories in life generally for expanding the imagination and inspiring the next generation of heroes, no matter the age of the reader.

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The Changeling Saga Book Two: Ends of the Earth

Healing from the wounds caused by generations of cruel separation, climaxing with the Battle of Berkhamsted Castle in ancient Ashridge Forest, the quest to track down the source of the poison still flowing from the Firehills and infecting their ancient Cornish family line, continues.

As the danger of the pandemic grows they are, once again, compelled to divide their forces and, in the process, test the strength of their renewed bond.

But even as they learn to master their unique changeling powers and abilities, gain wisdom and uncover more allies during the course of their trials, will fellowship be enough to keep them from the clutches of the corrupting evil still lurking in plain sight as well as in the shadowy, unexplored and feared places?

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Fantasy fiction, young adult fiction, children's book

The Changeling Saga Book One:

Legend of the Lost

The Savage children think they lead normal, largely unspectacular lives until they unearth the heart of a shooting star on a peaceful Cornish beach.

What seems like a chance encounter compels them onto a collision course with a pandemic of dark magic so malign that it threatens their family; the true kingdom of the animals and the enchanted fae who watch over them all.

Following the path set by the Moonstone, they journey deep into a mystical realm hiding in plain sight. Here they discover personal qualities, enchanted items and allies previously unknown.

But how can they ever hope to become strong enough to face up to what lies in wait for them in the shadowy clutches of the ancient Ashridge Forest?

And how do they survive a sinister force that has hungered for them for many barren generations?

£8.99 Paperback 






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