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The Power Of Hygge

In a nutshell, Hygge is the practising of feeling good on the outside, using your senses to adjust your environment to suit you, to make you feel comfortable and 'cosy'.

One method of this is to use your sense of smell. Use candles, wax melts, fragrance sticks and plug ins to surround yourself with smells that please you, that fill you with warmth, make you more productive; whatever it is that you want to be. 

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Mindful Eating

Not many of us like the idea of dieting, and it is important to feel good as you are, but you need to listen to your body; what does it meed? Not what it WANTS, what it NEEDS. These are two different things. Many foods can cause inflammation which exasperates existing illnesses. 

Whether you are looking to lose weight or just being mindful about what your body needs, we highly recommend 'Break The Crave System' by Bridgette Hamilton. This book explains what bodies need, not faddy diets but a whole new way of eating. 

Break The Crave System!

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