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Green Caturday

30th November 2019

Following on from last year's successful Green Caturday, it is back! As part of the 'traditional' Black Friday weekend, Green Caturday will be giving you the chance to do your Christmas shopping without having to face the pushing and shoving of shops around this time, for all of the bookworms in your life.

Author Offers

Some of our authors have prepared some special offers for this weekend.

"Hi, I'm Lisa and I have some offers for you. I have written 3 books under my pen-name Lisa J Rivers - Why I Have So Many Cats (poetry), Winding Down (fiction) & Searching (fiction). I am selling signed copies of all 3 books at a reduced price of £20, including delivery.

More recently I have been writing non-fiction books under my married name of Lisa Greener, and am offering copies of my Life Journal, Bee Happy In 2020, at £15 including delivery."

Publisher Offers

Book Sale

Half-price Services

We are offering all of our services at half price, from Thursday 28th November until Tuesday 3rd December 2019.

Our next online bootcamp begins in January, and we are offering half-price places. More info can be found here

Half-price offers for our PAYG Publishing

Pay up front

I offer 12 sessions for only £500, which covers everything. NO hidden extras.

Pay in instalments

A deposit of £175 will be payable, followed by 11 payments of £40, paid before each session.

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