Green Caturday 2020

Following on from the last few years, Green Caturday is back! 

As part of the 'traditional' Black Friday weekend, Green Caturday will be giving you the chance to do your Christmas shopping, without having to face the pushing and shoving of shops around this time, for all of the bookworms in your life. We can even gift wrap* and send directly to your recipient.

Events on Facebook


Dr Julie A D Greenhalgh

Reading of 'GInja' and Q&A session




Steve Barker

Covert Ops: Danger in Paradise reading and Q&A




Kate Vernon-Rees

Covid Poetic Parodies reading and Q&A


Neil Pettifer

The Little Lamberoo reading and Q&A session


Afsana Taib

Billy's Brilliant Family reading


Lisa J Rivers

Reading and Q&A session


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Author Offers

Some of our authors have prepared some special offers for this weekend.

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Elle Bor

"Hi, I'm Elle. For this weekend you can buy my novel, 'My Name is Ophelia', for just £7.50! 

If you prefer an eBook, it will be available on Kindle for just £2.50.   

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Ian P Buckingham

"Hi, I'm Ian and I have some Green Caturday offers for you. I have written The Changeling Saga books, and for this weekend I am offering Legend of the Lost for just £7, and both books (Ends of the Earth is out next month and can be pre-ordered and delivered in time for Christmas!) for just £15!

Legend of the Lost for £7

Both Changeling Saga books for £15

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Dr Julie A D Greenhalgh

"Hi, I'm Julie and I have written 4 children's books. I am offering money off all 4 of them. The first 5 of each will be signed, so be quick!"

£6.99  £5.50

£6.99  £5.50

£6.99  £5.50

£6.99 £5.50 

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Steve P Lee

"Hi, I'm Steve, Green Cat Books' Scifi author.

 I am offering all 4 of my eBooks at a reduced price of just £2.50 each. 

Click on my author page and then whichever book/retailer you want."

Steve P Lee's Page

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You can also get any of my eBooks for just £1. Go to my author page to choose which book & retailer 

(not available for Covid-Nineteen Lives - sorry)

Lisa J Rivers

"Hi, I'm Lisa and I have some offers for you. I have written 4 books 

 - Why I Have So Many Cats (poetry),  

- Winding Down (fiction) 

- Searching (fiction). 

This year, for #NaNoWriMo20 I have completed a collection of short stories. 'Covid-Nineteen Lives' which will be available next month! 

I am offering a signed copy of any of my books for just £5 each!

My author page

Choose book(s)

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David Rollins

"Hi I'm David and I have had 3 books published with Green Cat Books. 

I am offering any of my books for just £5 each! I can sign them too, if you like?"

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Hi I'm Afsana (I look different in real life though!) and I have written Billy's Brilliant Family. For Green Caturday I am offering this book at a reduced price of £6, and the eBook on GooglePlay for just £2.

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Hi I'm Richard and I wrote 'The Aldwark Tales'. For Green Caturday you can buy a copy for just £7.50!" 

Green Caturday Facebook Event

Publisher Offers


Our first offer is the Penny Deal .

For every book that you purchase during Green Caturday weekend (Friday 27th - Monday 30th November) you will be entitled to either:

Post and Packing (within the UK only)


Gift Wrapping

for just a penny

Choose offer

Please note: if you choose the 1p P&P option, you will be initially charged full price for the shipping, but we will issue the refund asap


Our second offer this weekend is 'Book for a Fiver' .

Spend £20+ on our paperback books (through our website) and you can purchase another book for £5.

Publisher Services

We are offering some of our services at 20% off, from Friday 27th November until Monday 30th November 2020.

Choose any 12 month Bookworm Club at 20% off. 

December's books will be shipped on Tuesday 1st December 2020

Children's Bookworm 


(Twelve Months)

£75  £56

Young Adult's Bookworm Club

(Twelve Months)

£95  £76

Adult's Bookworm 


(Twelve Months)

£95  £76

If you prefer to have full control over your work, receive 100% of the profits and purchase author copies at a greatly reduced cost, then PAYG options are for you. These options are also ideal for those authors who only wish to have their work in print, to show to their friends and family. Authors can choose to opt out of any individual part of the service chosen.

We have a choice of 3 packages for you.

Our Packages




Per Manuscript

Editor services (editing and proofreading) up to 50,000 words

Formatting and Publishing

ISBN Number

Proof copy to approve

Basic book cover design

20 paperback copies of final approved book

Freedom to print future copies without extra charges, or buy from us as print on demand at up to 40% discount




Per Manuscript

Editor services (editing and proofreading) up to 50,000 words

Formatting and publishing

Basic book cover design

Published on Kindle, Google Play Books, iBooks*, Kobo

Marketing and distribution



For Twelve Months

Digital Marketing on all major social media outlets

Author page on

Book listed on Amazon internationally, , and


Our final offer this weekend is a competition to win £50 worth of books.

Simply post a picture of yourself holding a copy of one of our books, tag us in it on social media ( @greencatbooks ) using the hashtag #GreenCaturday and you will go into the live draw, which will take place at 8pm on Saturday 28th, over at the Facebook event. ** .

sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

Sample Picture

* These offers don't apply to any discounts that the authors are giving. Due to COVID restrictions, and in some cases publish date, please allow up to 2 weeks for books to arrive.

** Books will be pre-selected, but winner can choose between adults or children, or a mixture of both. No cash alternative is available. Picture must be shared, tagged and hashtagged to qualify by 7pm on Saturday 28th November 2020. Entries not meeting the criteria may still be used for publicity. Each entry will be given a number and there will be a live (technical permitting) draw at 8pm on Saturday 28th November. Green Cat Books authors will not be entered into the competition.