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A collection of nineteen stories depicting the impact of a pandemic amongst a diverse group of people around the globe, written during #NaNoWriMo in November 2020

Just turned seventeen, David Smith is a bright, working-class youth from a small industrial town. Fussed over by parents and teachers alike, he has a place at Oxford almost guaranteed. This is unfortunate, since what he really wants to do is drop out and set up a hippy commune with his three best mates. Then, through a chance encounter with Henry, the runaway half-French son of one of the town’s wealthier families, what seemed an impossible dream begins to turn itself into messy reality. In the course of a debauched weekend and one long summer living in a field in France, David emerges from the chrysalis of his boyhood self and takes flight…

What does a writer do in lockdown when paid work is drying up? Unleash the creativity - that's what! Utilising prompts from readers, Laura decided to challenge herself to write a new short story every day during May 2020. 'And the Crows Began to Wonder' is the result. 31 stories covering a wide range of genres.

Three quick-witted and highly capable veterans, struggling with chronic PTSD, undertake a dangerous yet exhilarating mission which entails removing a drug gang from a private property on a small Caribbean Island. However, as the truth unfolds, things are not as simple as they appear on the surface!

The Whole of Boredom by James Nelson Roebuck

Alistair Morgan is a hard man. Teenage thug, soldier and nightclub bouncer, he did too much, too young, most of it bad. It haunts his sleep. But now he’s gone and got himself an education. Re-invented himself as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. It’s 1992 in Saudi Arabia. The money’s good but the place can send you off your head. To make matters worse, he’s ended up working with a bunch of oldsters who don’t seem to need much help in going off theirs. Somebody has to keep the wheels on the bus, but why does it always have to be Ali Morgan? And then, there are these women who keep falling in love with him, who he can’t love back? It’s enough to make a poor boy cry. Except he’s never cried in his life. Maybe that’s the problem? Perhaps if he could soften up a bit, learn how to love, the nightmares might go away?

Red Flags by James Nelson Roebuck

The voices in this collection speak from the most unlikely of locations: the British-Jamaican queen of chic who hosts, reluctantly, from her premises in Suzhou, China, the Biblio-Bar International Literary Festival. In Bandar Seri Begawan, there is the young Englishman who falls in love with a rich Bruneian murderess, and can never leave. Then, there is the past, that other country we so seldom manage to escape, as in the tale of Charlie Moncrief, the ruined libertine, reduced to servitude by the man he once teased mercilessly.

Red Flags, is a lucky dip into the extremities of life. Whatever you fish out, like life itself, might not be quite what you bargained for. 

My Name is Ophelia by Elle Bor

Some deaths don't leave corpses. . . Ophelia thrives on a dangerous fixation but her obsession is hardly a measure to her true madness. Rather, a cruel history follows her, as she is being hunted, but she hardly understands the weight of that reality.

I Rest My Case by Truth C Matters

Zimbabwean life is more than difficult and Truth C Matters brings our attention to some of the problems affecting the area, such as prostitution, human trafficking and money troubles.

Searching by Lisa J Rivers

Following on from Samantha's story (Winding Down) those around her attempt to search for clues, all for different reasons

Winding Down by Lisa J Rivers

Samantha Waters is a forty-something wife in a loveless marriage, and desperately looks for a way out in this black comedy.

Nature Boy by Mike Herring

Gillies knows no other life, except the naturist lifestyle with his family. As he matures he becomes curious about the possibility of another way of life and ventures past the mountains to a nearby village.

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