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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

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Winding Down

Samantha Waters is a forty-something wife in a loveless marriage, and desperately looks for a way out in this black comedy.


Following on from Samantha's story (Winding Down) those around her attempt to search for clues, all for different reasons

I Rest My Case by Truth C Matters

Zimbabwean life is more than difficult and Truth C Matters brings our attention to some of the problems affecting the area, such as prostitution, human trafficking and money troubles.

For The Love Of Tom

Bryan returns a hero from the Great War, but rather than feeling triumphant he feels anxiety and regret for his fellow soldier Tom, who was injured and taken to an unknown hospital. Realising his feelings run deeper than just friendship, he attempts to find Tom, but, if still alive, will their feelings be mutual? And if so, how will they tell family and friends in a time when it is considered immoral and is illegal.

The Other Life

Gino, a successful photographer, heads off to a log cabin to escape his life, and his lover David. His aim is to write his first novel, but finds life in the retreat to be too distracting. Luckily he discovers that he has a secret ghost writer, and soon longs to meet the author.

And God For His Own by Sean P Gaughan

Thomas, who was an irish boy living in England, loses his faith and then his strict Catholic family. He attempts to rebuild his life and meets a young woman who could potentially be a significant person in his life.

Nature Boy by Mike Herring

Gillies knows no other life, except the naturist lifestyle with his family. As he matures he becomes curious about the possibility of another way of life and ventures past the mountains to a nearby village.

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