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Children's Books

“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.”

― C.S. Lewis

Betty Long Legs

Betty has incredibly long legs which she thinks are completely useless until one day she finally found a use for them.

Billy's Red Ball Saves Christmas

Billy finds a note from Santa that says "Christmas is cancelled", so he goes to the North Pole to investigate.

The Adventures Of Molly and Angus

Molly and Angus go on an adventure when the garden gate is left open.

A Dog Is For Life

A guide to how to look after your pet, aimed at children, written by Diana who spent over 20 years living in Greece and caring for local cats and dogs.


There's mountains to climb, ponies to groom, abysmal food to eat and giant horses to ride on the ponytrekking trip to Wales for David, his twin brother Garry and their schoolmates.

The Monster In The Fridge

Is there a monster in the fridge? The children think that there is.

The Plug Monster

A young boy who is afraid of the noises down the plughole, but learns that he's just a friendly plug monster.

Daddy, Daddy, What's That Sound?

A fun rhyming book about the sounds out and about that curious children hear and want to learn more about.

Bibi And The Butterfly King by Timea Ashraf

A bi-lingual English/Hungarian book about a King who asks a local chef to cook a magical meal for his son, to teach him some manners.

Lucy At The Snake Sanctuary by Zapher Iqbal

Lucy's father, Richard, owns a snake sanctuary to help endangered snakes. One weekend Lucy visits and learns all about them.

Fairy Unfairly by James McCann

It's graduation day at Twinkletown College, and the elves and fairies are excited about their new job roles. Who will become a fairy unfairly?

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Milo the unicorn just wishes to be different to the other unicorns, but his schoolfriends laugh at him. Can he realise his dream?

Dinky is a mermaid who gets lost in a storm. A local boy offers to look after her but she yearns to go back home.

Tianna lives in a tree that is cut down for Christmas and sold to Mr Peters. After she spends some time with the Peters she is torn between staying with them or returning home.

Prince Porrig And The Calamitous Carbuncle by Glyn Roberts and David Smith

Prince Porrig has a calamitous carbuncle, how will he get rid of it in time for the Winter Ball? Ahilarious children's book for all ages.

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