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Brian N Sigauke

Brian Ngonidzashe Sigauke was born and bred in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. He accepted the call to teach and began preaching from a tender age, culminating in his enrolment at Africa’s prestigious and renowned AMFCC Bible School to train in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership. After graduating, his desire for the work of God grew and saw him being appointed into leadership as a youth and ultimately, his ordainment to Eldership in his church.

Outside preaching, Brian is an artisan by training and owns a small business. This technical training is the driving force behind his practical teachings in the theological world. He is happily married to Emma who manages their business.

Brian loves gardening and talks to his plants often, an avid volunteer and blogger, he also writes Christian Fiction.

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The Power of Collectivity


Using the bible, Brian explores how working together, as a collective, is advantageous in today's society.

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