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4th April 2019

In our author’s journals you will find a section for your dream board. Think of things that you want, goals that you want to achieve, places that you want to live – things that make you feel good that will give you the drive and motivation to succeed. Find pictures in magazines or print images from the internet, draw your own images. Let your creative juices flow, find colours that attract you, decorate however the mood takes you. Find inspirational quotes (there are plenty in your book and we will share more with you in bootcamp) and write them down. If you prefer, buy a cork board and put the images on there instead (or as well).

Look at your vision/dream board daily, to remind you of why you are doing all this!

Do you have a specific place where you work at home on your writing? Maybe it is just a corner of a room? A pile of cushions that you sit on, or the kitchen table. Does it feel pleasing to the eye? Certain colours can produce certain moods; pale green is quite serene and peaceful where as red may be unrelaxing. Think about adding your favourite ornaments to your work room. If there is no room, add them as your background image on your laptop/pc, or to your vision/dream board.

Do you have oil burners, wax melters, scented candles? In the same way that people are encouraged to cook bread or have coffee brewing to assist in selling a house, as it reminds buyers of a homely feel, certain smells can encourage concentration or relaxation. Snuggling into those cushions with a lavender scented candle is great for relaxation, but you are more likely to nod off than be productive. If lavender is a favourite scent of yours, keep it in a room that you use for relaxation or sleep.

Lemon, or jasmine are good fragrances to use to stimulate the senses. If you don’t have the tools then simply buy the essential oil (should be quite reasonable) and either put a couple of drops in your hands, rub together and sniff occasionally. Alternatively, put a couple of drops into a bowl of hot water. Good quality essential oils should only need a couple of drops and will last for hours this way. Other natural fragrances, like orange, work as well.

Nature itself can promote feelings of well-being and productivity, so if you have the opportunity start the day (or if you encounter a memory block) take a brief walk outside. Appreciate nature. Unless you live near a farm, factory or similar, the smells of nature can stimulate your brain into action.

Listen too, you will hear serene birdsong in most parts of the world. If you live near the coast you can focus on the sea – waves crashing or just rippling around your feet. Alternatively, buy or download a cd that has sounds that you enjoy; dolphins, seaside, birdsong. If you have ever been for a massage you will notice that they use all these techniques to relax you, you just need to fine tune which methods will increase your productivity.