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Betty Valentine

Betty Valentine

Betty Valentine lives and works on the Channel Island of Jersey. She has always been a bit of an oddball and realised some time ago that this is not necessarily a bad thing for a writer.

She tends to write slow burners which ‘drop you down a hole’ when you least expect it!

Despite her many attempts to be serious and to grow up, a little irreverent humour always creeps in and she has given up trying to strangle it. She puts this down to being the family short arse and having to laugh when they lean their elbows on her head!

Stories where ordinary people turn out to have a hidden life is her thing. She firmly believes that fantasy should be enjoyable at any age. The idea that non-humans are happily living amongst us forms the basis for many of her stories.

Betty once heard an author say that there were still few books written with any gay characters, and she thought that this was terrible. From then on she determined that her books would contain gay characters written as they should be, exactly the same as anyone else in the plot.

When Betty is not being Betty she is someone’s mum, wife, and eccentric cat-loving aunt!

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My name is James Porter but the world knows me as Allan. I am and always have been happily gay. I have no problem with this whatsoever. If anyone else finds it awkward then that is their problem, not mine!I am a short, tubby little actor who won’t see sixty again. I also happen to be famous.Some years ago I kicked the last younger lover out of my bed. Plenty of them have used my mattress as a springboard to higher things, treading on me in the process. I decided to stop looking for ‘the one’ and to keep my relationships on a more casual basis. Of course when I stopped looking I found him, in a place I had never even considered looking.I almost lost him a couple of times along the way but I got him back again. This is our story.

Overture and Beginners


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This book has been described as a bit of a rollercoaster. It builds up slowly through a series of bumps and just when you are thinking ‘so when does the fantasy begin’ it drops you down a deep hole and the ride really takes off.

It’s a simple story about spending a few days up the mountain with the people you love. Your widowed dad and his mates: Skirt-chasing Marc, tiny cigar-chewing Bernie and wizened drunken Hugh. The fun really starts when you discover that not everyone in your life is who or what you always thought they were.

David Freeman thought that he would surprise everyone with a visit, he was wrong but they sure as hell ended up surprising him!

A Twist of Starlight


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