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Amber Purnell

Amber Purnell, originally from Southport, always had a love for art. She studied Design at Liverpool Hope University where she learnt different drawing skills and textile techniques.

She later had a few design jobs but found this a challenge after having her two children and being a military wife meant moving around the county.

Amber became a childminder for the families on the base and through this fell in love with children’s books and picture books. Not wanting to lose her artistic skills, Amber continued to draw for fun and for friends and family.

Working with children has given Amber so much inspiration for other stories and she feels very lucky to be able to illustrate them herself bringing the stories to life.

Daddy, Daddy, What's That Sound is another fun rhyming book written and illustrated by Amber. Children are very inquisitive and like to observe the world around them, asking questions such as, "What's that sound?"

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Daddy, Daddy What's That Sound? 


Book, children, children's book, rhyming, funny, monster

The Plug Monster


The first of Amber's children's books, The Plug Monster is a delightful, fully illustrated book about a boy who is scared of the noises down the plughole at bath-time.