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May Releases


Lucy At... The Snake Sanctuary - £6.99

Lucy's father, Richard, has set up animal sanctuaries to rescue endangered animals, and takes Lucy to visit his snake sanctuary, where she learns all about the residents.

Available from 1st May, available to pre-order from 3rd April  

Milo By Deborah Carnelley - £6.99

Milo is one of the most handsome, popular unicorns in the whole of Cornnius, but he has different aspirations. Will he get to realise his dream?

Available from 1st May

Pre-order from 3rd April

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June Releases


Chaos In Camelot by Jon Carvell - RRP £8.99

Frank is sent to interfere with Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere's affair, but can he stop them and help King Arthur regain the love of his wife?

Out 1st June

Available to pre-order from 8th May

The Witch and Jet SPlinters; Book 2 - The Shadow Cutters

Further antics with Miss' Jinny, Lou and Riz


Out 1st June

Available to pre-order from 8th May

Horsey by David Rollins

Twins David and Garry go on a pony-trekking school trip with their classmates, and encounter some bullies, a giant horse called Black Ben and a mysterious farmhouse 

Out 1st June, available to pre-order from 8th May