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Bridgette Hamilton

Bridgette studied and qualified in hypnotherapy in 2006, and now works full-time as a hypnotherapist at her clinic in Nottingham. Over the last 10 years she has developed a system for weight loss using a combination of therapies and nutritional guidance. She now works with private clients and groups helping them take back control of their own eating habits and re-gain their natural energy.

Brian is a Zimbabwean Christian author

Father of 2 David, lives in Leicester and has had careers in care, libraries and printing. He has had an interest in Haiku for a number of years.

Sean Patrick Gaughan was schooled by Catholic nuns. Later, as a mature student, he acquired the seeds of an education at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, graduating with a B.A. Humanities in 1980.

He lives in Nottinghamshire.

Gabriel Eziorobo is a Nigerian freelance writer and poet. His poetry book, Words of My Mouth, was released on 1st July 2017, and his mini guide to freelance writing, The Brain Behind Freelance Writing, is due to be published on 1st August

Lisa, a mum of 3 children and many, many cats was inspired to write her first book when she started 'inheriting' cats. When discussing how and why she had all of her cats she decided to make it more formal.

Why I have So Many Cats

is a witty poetry book about every cat she has ever owned.

Lisa is currently working on her first novel, Winding Down, which will be launched in June 2017.

After the loss of several family members in a short period of time, Luna could do little more than sit back and watch as her distraught husband rummaged through mountains of paperwork following the death of his brother in law, his mother and then his sister. If only the procedure could be easier for those dealing with the aftermath of the passing.

Luna has create a book which is designed to be completed by the owner. There are sections to explain last wishes, where important documents are stored, along with a place to record happy memories.

coming soon......

Bridgette Hamilton - Breakthrough Weightloss Revolution

brian N Sigauke - the power of collectivity

lisa j rivers - searching

Michael keene - For The Love Of Tom

Richard Tyndall - The Aldwark Tales