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Elijah Barns

Born via a woman, in a cross-fire hurricane, the Lancastrian Elijah Barns was raised by a Border Collie and subsequently bequeathed the soul of a black, Native American Scotsman that loathed buttons and loved animals.

The book you see you before you has been tormenting and fermenting the already tormented and fermented mind of it’s author for too many moons and could no longer be contained.

Therefore, blessings must go to Lisa from Green Cat Books for having the courage and fortitude to believe and let it run free.

If you would care to pry into the psyche of the author, as an exercise in somehow understanding his tickage, his thoughts and inspirations are steadfastly rooted in the following locations, objects and folk of lore, for which, he assures us, he is eternally grateful and would recommend highly.


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