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Green Cat Books is an independent publishing company set up to help new authors break out into the market. Many of the top publishing companies won't even look at a manuscript unless they have worked with the author before, but readers are welcoming new writers and their work.

Our aim is to help new writers to publish and distribute their work. 

Green Cat Books

Whether you need someone to check your spelling, want to make a living out of your writing or would just like a few copies of your book to give to friends and family, Green Cat can help.

we offer several services:

Pay As You Go

Copy typing - send your hand written manuscripts or audio files to us and we will type them up for you

Proof reading - Grammar, punctuation and spelling will be checked

Editing - we will go through your completed work and make sure its ready to be published

Publishing - Everything you need for your book to be printed or turned into an ebook, including book cover

Distribution - Getting your books into stores, and sold on a variety of platforms

Marketing - social media, bookshops, fairs, newsletters. whatever it takes to get your book promoted and sold

Full Publishing Service

If you choose to turn your writing into a profitable business, we can manage the whole project form beginning to end*, including all of the PAYG options, but with no up front costs. Instead you will receive royalties as your books are sold**


Our Authors

Our Authors

Why I Have So Many Cats

Winding Down

Life Well Lived

Words Of My Mouth

The Brain Behind Freelance Writing

Nature Boy

Prince Porrig and The Calamitous Carbuncle

A Bag Of Souls

The witch and Jet Splinters

Part One: A Bustle In The Hedgerow

The coach

And God For His Own

Haiku From The Asylum

Break The Crave System

The Power Of Collectivity

For The Love Of Tom

The Aldwark Tales

What our authors are saying

Let me say I believe I have found the right publisher in you for Nature Boy. I truly believe because of the 4 million naturists in UK alone this book will be well received .I have up to this point enjoyed your professional approach to my work.

May I wish us both success on this book

Mike Herring - Nature Boy

What our customers are saying

You are ridiculously efficient!

Rick Matsokotere - Minimum Wage Revolution


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Publish your own book

We now have an online course so that authors can self-publish their own books

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2nd March 2019

Contemporary Writers Convention

Derby (venue TBC)

*If we deem your book as suitable for resell, copy/audio typing incurs an additional fee

**Once royalties have reached £100+

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